Many, many reports. In 2013 we were focused on preparing new articles as much as we tried to expand the offer of our services. As a result, Sotrender which turned 3 years old a month ago, is composed not only of the Analytics processing the data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but also Console – a module to organize social media content and team. In this article we recollect 5 most important reports by Sotrender that every media manager should know to call himself a social one.

1. Photos on Twitter impact the number of RTs and Favs

10073432733_86c9f55212You no longer have to click on a link to see a picture or video on Twitter. Your stream and timelines of profiles are filled with photos from and videos from Vine. In order to check whether the fact of including a link, a video or a picture has an impact on the number of retweets and favorites of a tweet, Sotrender analyzed the 500 most followed brand profiles on Twitter. We found that tweets with photos get more favs and retweets than these without!

2. How the biggest UK brands use Facebook hashtags to boost their performance?

51de87ade4b0e89eb2454577-298x300Clickable hashtags were introduced on Facebook in the middle of June. This feature offers brands new possibilities of marketing communication as according to the official Facebook blog, it constitutes a new way for people and business to discover and engage in conversations. Sotrender Research Team analyzed top 100 biggest Facebook Pages of UK brands, in order to examine hard data regarding the use of hashtags and its effectiveness. To the best of our knowledge, it’s first such a study published worldwide.

3. Royal baby – what can you learn from the biggest brands’ reaction?


Since 22nd, July, almost all the media in the world has been obsessed with one topic. The royal baby. The biggest brands also joined the buzz about the newborn third in line to the throne, as it usually happens in the case of all big events. Sotrender checked whether they took advantage of this opportunity and which examples of real time marketing (called also newsjacking) proved the most successful. Keep reading to learn about best practices to implement in the occasions like that.

4. Jesus Daily wins with Obama – comparison with other pages


We compared Jesus Daily which is the most interactive Facebook page in the world with other pages including Christian, Islamic and commercial ones. One of the results it the fact that the key to success of Jesus Daily is publishing short and frequent posts without any hidden corporate message. Read our analysis.

5. How to engage fans on IT & tech fanpages?

angielskie_it_userOn the occasion of infoShare – conference which concerns IT industry, new media and startups, we would like to present a concise analysis of IT and electronic fanpages. We took into consideration two groups of fanpages – these of UK IT brands and international technological blogs. The focal point of our interest was the communication between administrators and users. You will find out how fans react on specific types of communications and why bloggers engage fans way better than brands. Read the article.