#WebSummit – The hardest social networking startup

Sotrender has prepared an anlysis on the top 20 startups participating in Web Summit World’s Hardest Working Startup competition. Have a look at the infographic and check which of the startups is really the hardest working! At least in social media 🙂

The organisers of Web Summit, the conference we’re going to at the end of the month, wanted to check which of the startups is the most dedicated, passionate and crazy about its online activity. They promised the top 50 startups will be treated like kings at the Summit in Dublin, so we’ve done our best to be included in the group of winners. Actually, we’ve done even more.

We’ve analysed social media activities of the top 20 startups participating in the competition. The results are quite stunning. How is it even possible they have time for the “real” work, if they’re networking so hard? 🙂

















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