Warsaw Uprising on Facebook – how brands celebrated the anniversary?

This year’s Warsaw Uprising anniversary was widely commented by social media users. Basing on data gathered by Sotrender and Brand24, K2 Social prepared an infographic which illustrates the presence of topics connected with the Uprising in social media.


Warsaw Uprising on Facebook

According to Sotrender, information about the Warsaw Uprising generated by Facebook users oscillated around particular phrases, often written with hashtags. The most popular were #powstaniewarszawskie (en. #warsawuprising) and #1944pl. The most engaging post for Polish Facebook users was an infographic posted by Warsaw’s Uprising Museum. The post generated 3055 likes, 4778 share’s and 68 comments. 463 Facebook pages were involved in the celebration of the Uprising.

Majority of the posts were written in the morning, between 8:00 and 9:00 am. Another most popular time was 5:00 pm (‘W’ hour). Graphics and links constituted the most frequently used types of content.

Brand24 analysis reveals that estimated count of posts about Uprising oscillated around 50 thousand, what gave the range of around 6.1 mln users.


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