Sotrender Lite – a help for social media marketing for smaller businesses

UPDATE: From the 9th of May 2017: new pricing is available. Read further about our latest changes and features. If you are a blogger, you can have a FREE subscription to one social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND YouTube

Lite version of Sotrender is created to help smaller and local businesses as well as individuals who want to take advantage of all of the marketing possibilities created by Facebook.

Optimizing the quality of social media activities will become easier also for the entities with smaller budgets. We enable you to get access to detailed statistics and recommendations to introduce to make your social media communications professional and effective.

We would like to invite you to try the Lite version of Sotrender Analytics.

So far our offer has been destined mainly for bigger entities such as corporations, agencies and media houses which professionally run the communications of the brands. Now, we would like to extend our offer also for the entities from the long tail.

Sotrender Analytics Lite has almost all the functions of the full version only with small limitations.

Click to maximize

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Sotrender Lite – possibilities:

  • Reach analysis – the analysis of the number of fans, as well as of the reach and the number of views,
  • Engagement analysis – the analysis of the number of engaged fans who talk about fanpage and types of their activities,
  • Recipients – the analysis of demographic data and the list of 20 most engaged fans provided with their segmentation,
  • Best content – the list of 10 best posts with the number of engaged users, likes, comments and shares,
  • Interactive graphs and charts – to display activities over a chosen time period,
  • Summarized reports – extra paid access to automatically generated reports with charts and their full descriptions,
  • Recommendations – pieces of advice on how to improve your fanpage

Using Lite version, you can have access to the new, innovative function of Sotrender: Recommendations, that will help you run your fanpage. New feature is addressed not only to professional social media marketers, but also to single users, bloggers and local businesses running themselves their brand Facebook pages. In order to work with our tips, you need neither to have social media knowledge nor to be advanced in using them. You can know its characteristics from the first part of Sotrender’s tutorial. As a part of a promotion, we offer a full package of recommendations also in the Lite version.

Moreover, the user of the Lite package get:

  • Technological support via e-mail
  • Attractive price of €9.99 or $15 per month for each analyzed fanpage
  • Possibility of adding up to 5 fanpages, each having up to 10k fans to one account
  • Possibility of managing your own account, generating invoices and online payments through the system PayLane

What will the full version of Sotrender give you? 

When the Lite version of Sotrender results insufficient, you can try the full version. We recommend this solution mainly for bigger businesses and their agencies or media houses.

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In comparison to the Lite, the full version of Sotrender includes:

  • Precise analysis of the increase of the number of your fans,
  • Advanced demography division of fans, as well as a full list of all engaged fans with their segmentation,
  • Detailed analyzes of engagement and fans activities – i.e. Interactivity Index, division for days, hours and types of activities,
  • Advanced posts analyzes – including Interactivity Index and full ranking of posts for the given period,
  • Industry comparison – listings of basic indexes for all types of fanpages from the given product category,
  • Possibility of comparing the results of campaigns,
  • Comparing many sites on one chart,
  • Free access to automatic reports in pdf format,
  • Data export to csv, xls and xlsx files,
  • Analysis of the international Facebook Pages with contents targeted for different countries.

Users of the full version of Sotrender receive also a telephone support and consultant’s individual assistance. What is more, there are no limits concerning the number of fans of fanpages. The number of the profiles accessible from one account depends only on the pricing list.

You can change the Lite version of Sotrender to the full one any time you want!

Are you interested in Sotrender Analytics? Sign up today!

!Update from 9th of May 2017: new pricing is available. Read also about latest changes and features.

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