Dark posts. Sounds scary? It might, but they’re nothing to be afraid of. Dark posts (AKA unpublished or ‘blind’ posts) are posts which are not visible on your Page – you can only see it on your News Feed. So they essentially function like advertisements.

What can you achieve by using dark posts? Let’s look at an example: e-commerce. Let’s say you’re running a shop that sells leather briefcases. You want to make and organize a promotional campaign and sell a new briefcase, just for women. There isn’t much need to litter your male user’s News Feeds – so you don’t have to post it on your Page as a normal post.

Thanks to dark posts, we can create a post with briefcases for women and show it only to a targeted group of our fans as an advertisement. This way, you won’t have to bother your male demographic with it. By identifying different target groups, you can advertise like this to lots of specified users. You can make posts for each of your target groups without having to bother the others with content they won’t be interested in.

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