Automatic reports

Reporting is one of the most important things for all brands in social media.

If you’re running a social media profile, you need to report your results to someone. We know how it works and that’s why we’re offering the fastest and most efficient way of solving this problem. Try our automatic pdf reports and excel exports. Or just take a few screenshots of them and spend your newfound time on something fun.

1 Numbers matter

Depending on your campaign goals, you'll have to verify different metrics. This means having reliable reports is crucial to your success. On top of all the metrics from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, you'll get access to unique indices from Sotrender.

2 Customize

Our reports are customized to you and your clients needs. Choose the logo, scope, analysis period, author info, and more, making the report your own.

3 Understand the data

With clear representations and interpretations of the data, understanding your performance has never been easier.

4 Download and send in 3 minutes

Prepare your report for your preffered format (PDF, XLS, PPTX) and it's ready to send.

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Automatic reports

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