Automatic reports

Data-driven tips tell you exactly how to improve your results

When managing multiple social profiles, getting lost in all your metrics and missing opportunities seems unavoidable! But not with us.
Sotrender interprets your data and offers simple tips and calls-to-action. Sotrender tips cover all main aspects of social media communication: reach, engagement, content, profile branding, and customer service. Our algorithms consider the given profile and it’s competitors along with the entire industry. We enable you to optimize your actions and fix your mistakes. And if that wasn’t enough, we also tell you what you’re good at and can keep doing.

1 Tips for everything

Our data-driven and automated tips are based on both machine learning algorithms and our enormous database of profiles. Yes, that means both AI and big data - all for you.

2 You can always be better

Even the smallest part can be a game-changer. Everything counts - timing, content, design, engagement. And you can always improve all of it.

3 Be consequent

Once you start improving your social media, algorithms will notice it and inform you of it. That doesn't mean, that you can stop trying. It just means you took the right steps into the larger world of success.

4 Know your audience

If you communicate with someone, you have to know who they are. With Sotrender, you'll get to know your audience like you're their best friend - what they like, what they don't like, what they're interested in, etc. Use that knowledge wisely!

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Automatic reports

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