Automatic reports

Learn from the successes and mistakes of your competitors

That’s right. It’s not just a dream. Track not only your brand profiles but also the profiles of your competitors.
Observe the industry and discover the strengths of other players. See what they’re effective at, what strategies they’re using, and how they’re communicating with their fans. Take advantage of this learning environment and improve your own marketing and sales actions.

1 Observe multiple profiles

With Sotrender you can observe not only your profiles, but also your competitors profiles and those you want to benchmark. No matter your goals, knowing more never hurts.

2 Group profiles together

Do you want to compare yourself to your competitors? Or maybe just compare then against each other? No problem - you can create and edit groups of profiles (from 2 to 8) and see the most important metrics, profile against profile.

3 Find your adventages

When you see what your competition is doing, you can identify what makes you special and what still needs some work. Use that knowledge in your strategy!

4 Reach common audiences

When you know the audience of your competitors and how to communicate with them, you can start tweaking your own social communciation. Then you'll will reach more people interested in your services.

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Automatic reports

Track your competitors

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