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Meet your audience and understand their behaviours

Simply put, social media is people. To manage a successful social campaign you need to understand the preferences and needs of your customers. We provide demographic data and behavioural segmentation of your engaged users. This information is necessary for you to improve your content and performance. At the end of the day, it’s crucial for reaching your KPI’s.

1 Understand demography

Get to know who your fans and the people you reach. It's vital to know who you're communicating with.

2 Find their behaviours

Find out when your audience is active, what they're doing, where they come from, what they like, etc. Their behaviour is important for every decision your brand makes.

3 Identify ambasadors

We divide your audience into different segments based on their activities. Learn how to change casual fans into brand ambassadors.

4 Adjust strategy

Knowledge is the key to success in social media. Understanding who you're talking to and what they expect will help you adjust your content strategy, winning you new leads and clients.

What more Sotrender has to offer?

  • Recommendations

    Sotrender interprets data for you, giving you simple tips with calls-to-action that point you in the right direction. We analyse your data with 300 advanced data-mining algorithms to verify and improve your performance.

  • Benchmarking

    Track any brand profile and compare yourself to them. Discover who in your industry is using social media effectively and observe their strategies and the effectiveness of their communication.

  • Content analysis

    Without a doubt, content is king in social media. Analyze and improve the impact and engagement of various types of content. Then compare them and see which ones are most effective.

  • Best fans ranking

    Learn all about your fans, followers, and subscribers. Track the demographic data and behavioral segmentation of your engaged users. Measure the effects of your campaigns and identify users as influencers, activists, or 'trolls'.

Automatic reports

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