8 social media trends for 2022 and beyond

With the current impact of marketing on brand and product growth, companies have come up with new strategies to improve and expand their operations. Social media users are growing day by day and so is their time spent on various social media platforms. Can you guess how much time people are spending browsing through multiple […]

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Anti-trends 2017 – what will NOT happen in social media?

Here at Sotrender, we understand and appreciate the power of trends. We analyze them all the time, but we also like doing things a bit outside of the box. So, while everyone is asking about social media trends, we asked some influencers what definitely WON’T work in social media in the upcoming year.

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Why is watching trends useful?

Working in marketing demands creativity, an open mind, and lots of inspiration to be able to produce and manage your campaigns effectively. How do you do this in a world overloaded with communication, news, and inspiration? Some people struggle with it while others pick and choose what to follow from ideas around. But they usually […]

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