How To Keep Up With Social Media Trends (+ 6 Examples)

Having a social media marketing strategy helps you support your brand’s business goals and track relevant metrics. However, your strategy won’t be effective if you don’t keep up with social media trends.

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What will NOT happen in marketing this year? Anti-trends 2018

Hello 2018! What a year it’s going to be! While everyone’s trying to predict what will happen this year, Sotrender is doing the opposite! Like in previous years (2016, 2017), we’ve asked marketing specialists and social media influencers a simple question: What will NOT happen in marketing in the upcoming year?. The results, as usual, make […]

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Why is watching trends useful?

Working in marketing demands creativity, an open mind, and lots of inspiration to be able to produce and manage your campaigns effectively. How do you do this in a world overloaded with communication, news, and inspiration? Some people struggle with it while others pick and choose what to follow from ideas around. But they usually […]

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