Competitive Benchmarking in Social Media [101 Guide]

Who doesn’t want to know their competitor’s every secret? And did you know that you can uncover at least a few of their secrets? Easily and quickly? That’s right, in marketing (and business in general), there’s a special formula for that known as benchmarking. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s not as complicated […]

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Benchmarking – What is it really?

In the field of marketing, there are lots of words that people know but can’t explain. One of them is benchmarking. And today we’re going to not only explain it to you, but also show you how important it is for every brand’s social media performance.

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Benchmark your Facebook page with Global Average

No Facebook page is an isolated island – there’s always other islands nearby, with people coming to and from all of them. And you might think your island is doing well, but how can you really tell if you don’t benchmark your fanpage to nearby islands? Dropping the metaphor, this means that even if you choose your […]

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