What you should post on Instagram will depend on 3 things:

  1. Online content strategy.
  2. What makes my brand special?
  3. Tell a story.

1. Online content strategy

What you post will depend on your online content strategy. Before you start posting photos and videos on Instagram, you need to think about who you want to reach, what you’re expecting from them, and what you can give back to them

It’s often helpful to go through some other accounts and scroll to see what they’re posting, how often they post, and how people are reacting. Researching this will help build a base for your online content strategy.

2. What makes my brand special?

This is a crucial question to answer about your brand. What makes me stand out from the rest? Who are my competitors? How am I any different from them? Why should clients choose my products? What will keep them coming back for more?

It’s important to know the answers to these questions and translate the answers into a story that you will tell and share on Instagram (and perhaps on some other platforms).

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

3. Tell a story

These days, having a good product is not always enough. You need to tell and sell a story that goes along with it. Without a creative approach, your feed will just look like a collection of ads. Try to show your business through less obvious creative methods:

  • Use the past – tell more about yourself, team, brand, logo, office, etc…
  • Give a little behind the scenes tour of your business.
  • Introduce your employees.
  • Show your product in action – show what it’s capable of.
  • Show your customers with your product or invite them over to create some content with you.
  • Reward your best clients.
  • Create your own hashtag and invite people to use it.
  • Add some inspiring quotes or share your experiences.
  • Make video posts.

There is a lot you can post Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you or your brand. You need to figure out the part first before you can post great Instagram content.

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