An algorithm is a “set of steps that are followed in order to solve a mathematical problem or to complete a computer process.” When talking about a social media algorithm, we’re referring to the process that a social media site goes through to show you content. This is done behind the scenes, where their code does all the work that you don’t want to do. So the way that you receive tweets and retweets in your feed? That’s the Twitter algorithm at work.

Twitter’s algorithm works like this: What you see first in your feed is what is most relevant to you. This is determined by a few factors, like how much you engage a profiles post or how much you browse their profile. Any time Twitter’s algorithm thinks that you missed a post you would be interested in, it will show up as ‘the best tweets you may have missed.’

This is opposed to tweets appearing in chronological order, which was Twitter’s old method. There has been some controversy over the switch among Twitter users. Many businesses prefer chronological order because it means they only have to post at the right time. Engaging posts and quality content wasn’t necessary for a tweet to be seen.

Now that’s not the case. Engagement is now the most important aspect of Twitter. And to engage users, you have to have quality content. Unless you use Twitter Ads to boost your posts, which is now more of a necessity than ever before.  

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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