Should I start advertising on Twitter? Is it actually worth looking into or should I just stick with Instagram and Facebook advertising?

If your audience heavily relies on getting info from you on Twitter or is primarily active there, then yes. You should start advertising on Twitter in that case. You just don’t have to advertise everything all the time. Since Twitter started using an algorithm that caused organic reach to decrease, advertising has become integral to success.

Reasons why you should start advertising on Twitter

So, why shouldn’t you dump your whole budget into Instagram and Facebook ads? Why should you even consider setting up promoted tweets on the platform?


  • You can differentiate between users who saw your tweets vs. those who interacted with your tweets.
  • Their keyword targeting is more precise than what you can get with Facebook.
  • Twitter ads aren’t invasive, they just slip right into the feed and feel more natural.
  • CPC can be extremely low.

However, Twitter isn’t always the most engaging of platforms, so people flock to Instagram and Facebook to get more interactions.

When you advertise on Twitter, you can choose from 6 objectives that will shape how your ad looks and what it can do. These options are:

  • Tweet engagements.
  • Website clicks or conversions.
  • App installs or app re-arrangements.
  • Video views.
  • Followers.
  • Leads on Twitter.

No matter what your social media needs are, advertising on Twitter will help you reach them.

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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