So you’d like to set up some ads on Twitter? The first step is deciding whether or not you want to manage Twitter ads on your own or have someone do that for you. There are a few factors that you should take into account when making that decision.

Manage Twitter ads alone

This is definitely the cheapest option in the short run, but really take a minute to think about this. Do you have clear business goals in mind? Do you know how to prepare copy and visuals for Twitter ads? How familiar are you with Twitter ad spending?

If you don’t know much about Twitter ads, or even have basic training, it might be better to have someone do it for you.

On the other hand, it could work out if your campaign budget is on the smaller side. Smaller budget = smaller risk, after all!

Hire a freelancer to manage Twitter ads for you

This could be a really simple solution for you. You just need to give the freelancer access to your company’s Twitter ads. Luckily, all it takes is changing Twitter ad account roles in your ad account settings, and you’re done.

Usually, you’ll be able to find a freelancer who used to work for a marketing agency but wanted some more flexibility in their schedule. They usually have the same skillset as marketers that work for companies, but they’re definitely more affordable to work with.

Unfortunately, their flexibility and freedom come with two downsides. The first issue is that they’re just one person who will be managing your ad account. If they get sick or something comes up, there’s no one else. They can’t get another coworker to cover for them or take care of your deadlines. That can be a pretty big problem when it comes to paid campaigns.

The other problem is that you might have to pay them or another freelancer to analyze the results for you. The freelancer you picked might be good at setting up ads, but they might not be as good at analyzing them. You should always make sure to look into their portfolio and see what they’re capable of doing.

Hire an agency to manage Twitter ads for you

Agencies are, quite honestly, the safest choice. Unfortunately, they’re also the most expensive choice. When you hire an agency to manage your Twitter ads, you’re hiring the whole agency. This means you’ll always have someone that will prepare a performance report, marketers with experience in setting up the ad, and marketers that might even be willing to prepare the ad.

They have years of experience and different teams that can be devoted to their clients. That means they can guarantee to prepare all of the invoices on time and deliver everything you need within the appropriate time frame.

Just keep in mind that this is fairly expensive, and it might only be worth getting an agency to manage your Twitter ads if you plan on creating ad campaigns for other platforms, too.

Keep all this in mind when making your decision. Good luck with your ads!

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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