This question is tricky and there is no universal answer. Before you decide to either manage your activities alone or hire a professional, you should take a few factors into consideration:

  • Your skills in marketing, analytics, and social media. It’s not enough to know what Facebook is. You should understand how it works and be aware of the latest changes and updates. Managing profiles without at least a bit of knowledge can do more harm than good. You need a strategy, analytics, and implementation of the highest quality – if you can’t deliver, think about getting an agency to help you.
  • The tools you have at your disposal. If you use a tool like Sotrender, your team will be able to manage analytics and Facebook moderation all in one application on their own. If your team knows how to use Facebook moderation, then they can manage it more efficiently through our app. This goes for both regular and sponsored posts on Facebook. You can skip hiring an agency if you’re confident in your team’s and tool’s abilities.
  • Your marketing budget. Hiring an agency means extra costs every month. So you need to be prepared for it. If you have some knowledge about marketing and social media, it may be better to spend this money on Facebook Ads or dedicated content.
  • Your time. If you can spend a lot of time building your brand awareness on Facebook, an agency might not be needed. If you lack not only the skills but also the time, involving an agency in your marketing efforts might be the better option.

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