Descriptions should contain valuable information that helps viewers find your videos in the search results. A well-written description that contains relevant keywords can increase the number of views and viewer retention.

How to write a description

A request to add a description is displayed every time you upload a new video to your channel. Use options like the description to increase the chance that it will succeed on YouTube. If you later want to add or delete information, you can edit your descriptions.

Use natural language

Describe your film using natural language. Don’t just shove your relevant keyboards in the description and hope it will work. Try to select the 1 or 2 most important words that describe your video, and make sure they are in the description as well as the title. Beyond that, write a formal description that explains what’s in it.


You can add interactive features to help increase the number of views. Add information about people you work with to help bring attention to them. Always place links to the authors you have worked with, and make sure that they do the same. You can also insert timestamps that viewers can easily go to for important sections of longer videos.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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