Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have the option to use repost pictures in-app. However, you don’t have to ask a person to send you their photo if you want to share it yourself. All you need to do is to get an external app where you can freely repost other users’ Instagram pictures.

How do I get an external app for reposting?

As mentioned above, reposting pictures isn’t possible in the Instagram app. You need to get an external repost app for Instagram. Follow these steps to get yourself the app:

  • Enter the App Store or Google Play.
  • Find Repost for Instagram app.
  • Download it (There are others, but Repost for Instagram is the most popular).

How to repost Instagram pictures?

So how to start reposting pictures on Instagram with a use of an external app (in this case, Repost for Instagram)?

  • Log-in normally on Instagram.
  • Find a picture you want to repost.
  • Tap Repost at the bottom of the picture.
  • Confirm your image. You can also change the dimensions of the image.
  • Give permission – this gives the external app consent to perform an action on your behalf on Instagram.

With that, you will have a selected Instagram image reposted. You can repost someone else’s photo if you think your audience will appreciate it, or you can simply share a picture that is related with you/your profile. Photos will be published with all credits given to the original poster.

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