Measuring the effects of your YouTube ads depends on your campaign and your business goals. Social media marketing has one key advantage: you can measure almost everything with any number of tools.

To measure the effects of your YouTube campaigns, start with their native tool – YouTube Analytics. If your campaigns become bigger and you still need more options, you can always use external partners.

You can use Twitter Analytics to measure the success of your ads, seeing how much engagement your ad got and how many clicks.

Depending on your business goals, use varied campaign types and ad formats. different metrics will also be key KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for you. For example, your number of followers will be important if you want to build community and brand awareness. But it will not be as important if you’re running a ‘Leads’ driven campaign.

Remember to set expectations realistically and compare the results of your campaign to your previous activity. This will let you improve and optimize your actions relative to your business goals..

Lastly, the results from social media platforms should be analyzed in a broader context. Use Google Analytics or other tools to see how social campaigns improve the performance of your website, blog, or shop.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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