Most users will start their journey with Instagram on their smartphones by installing the app:

An alternative way is to visit and create your account there.

Creating your Instagram account

To create your Instagram account, you have 2 options:

  • Sign up with your Facebook Profile. This is recommended more for private users.
  • Sign up with email. This is the better option for setting up business accounts.

How do I create an Instagram account? Sign-up

Signing up with Facebook

To sign up with your Facebook Account you just need to tap ‘Log in with Facebook’ and the Facebook window to log in will appear. It will then ask for permission for Instagram to use your credentials. After confirming this step, you will be taken back to the Instagram page.

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Signing up with email

If you’re creating an account for your business, this will be better for you. Here you will need:

  • An email address (can be changed later).
  • Full name (that will be the name of your business; can be changed later).
  • Username (needs to be unique; can be changed later).
  • Password (can be changed later).

By signing up your accepting Instagram Terms and Privacy Policy.

After creating your account Instagram will give you some propositions for profiles to follow. You can also use Search to find people/brands that you want to follow.

Setting up your Instagram profile

On the desktop version, click the profile icon:

How do I create an Instagram account? Icon

Next hit ‘Edit profile’ button:

How do I create and Instagram account?

And add your:

  • Profile picture.
  • Website (optional).
  • Bio.
  • Phone (optional).

The same steps and screens will be similar on the mobile app:


After creating your Instagram account and filling in your profile, you’re ready to share your first photos and videos!

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

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