There is a problem with scheduling posts on Instagram. With Facebook or Twitter, you can schedule posts automatically (in the latter, using official TweetDeck app) whereas with Instagram they will not post automatically. Instagram does not allow posting without your authorization, so any tool you use to schedule posts will require a final button tap from you before sending. It limits its functionality, but that doesn’t stop scheduling posts from being a big time saver.

How can I schedule an Instagram post?

To schedule a posts, you will have to get an external Instagram add-on. The most popular scheduling app for Instagram out there is Dowloading it is simple. All you have to do is find it in the App Store or Google Play and download it.

Not sure of that one? Try BufferApp, it’s another popular tool for scheduling social media posts (not only Instagram). Here, at Sotrender, we use Coschedule, a content calendar that lets you schedule whole content campaigns. And they also use Buffer to schedule Instagram.

However, like we wrote before, with every app, you can edit a post, schedule it and when the time comes, you’ll get a notification reminding you, it’s time to post. Not very convenient, but it’s Instagram’s API that doesn’t allow third-parties to post on your behalf.

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