Social media posts can get overwhelming sometimes. Many thoughts might race through your mind when creating them; and even though some pages seem like they’re effortlessly pumping them out by the 100s it takes preparation and a certain feel for the target audience

At Sotrender we like data, scientific evidence for the basis of our activities, and over and above all, food. So here are the 5 key ingredients for awesome social media posts that are sure to captivate your audience:

social media post recipe

A great social media post consists of…

  1. Preparation – this is the key ingredient. A good helping of preparation goes a long way and makes sure you can be ready for getting the right message out.
  2. Wording – this is super important especially in a world where political (and any other type of) correctness is everything and well even if it wasn’t people are attracted to good wording, consider this the aromatic ingredient!
  3. Creativity – the heart of all good marketing, but not everything. This is the ingredient that brings everything together, let’s consider it the sauce of your dish.
  4. Engagement – don’t just set and forget things! Make sure you reply to people who engage or at least like their posts.
  5. Media – this is super important, at this time it’s almost impossible to get any attention without some visual stimulus bombarding people!

Overall, make sure to be genuine, sincere and try to get a human approach to your marketing. People don’t want to speak to automated campaigns or bots!

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