10 Proven Tactics to Get More Leads on Instagram in 2024

Instagram offers immense opportunities for lead generation beyond just branding and awareness.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms out there. What’s more – 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram.

The key is strategically leveraging Instagram’s suite of features to convert followers into leads for your business. From profiles to links, ads to messaging, tools exist to drive targeted traffic into your sales funnel.

This guide will cover how to generate leads through Instagram. We’ll review ten proven tactics to capture more quality leads through IG marketing. Applying even a few of these can transform passive followers into subscribers, demo signups, and customers.

Why Use Instagram for Lead Generation

Yes, social media works so well for lead generation. Here is why Instagram deserves a spot in your customer acquisition strategy:

  1. Engaged Audience. Billions of people check Instagram every month. That’s a massive group visiting daily that you can connect with.
  2. People Buy from Instagram. Users are more likely to purchase from brands they follow on Instagram. The visual nature makes it easy to showcase products.
  3. Show Your Story. Use photos, videos, Stories, and Reels to share who you are as a brand. This builds familiarity and trust.
  4. Advertising Drives Leads. Instagram ads allow capturing leads through built-in forms. You can target very specific groups, too.

Instagram essentially combines visual inspiration and discovery powered by word-of-mouth. This creates a formula for customer acquisition gold – if activated properly. The platform is thus built for lead generation. Now, let’s look at some useful tactics to get more Instagram leads.

10 Tactics to Generate Leads on Instagram

Here are the best methods you can use to turn followers into Instagram leads:

Add Call-to-Action Buttons to Your Profile

One of the easiest ways of generating leads on Instagram is to add call-to-action (CTA) buttons to your Instagram profile.

Call-to-action buttons provide quick shortcuts that simplify the path from discovery to conversion. Rather than make users click through to other websites or navigate pages, these profile buttons allow instant action with one tap. 

For example, an e-commerce site could use “Shop Now” buttons so motivated buyers can click straight to product pages and checkout flows. A SaaS startup may add “Get Started” buttons to kick off free trials upon first visits. Especially effective on mobile, these buttons capitalize on convenience and impulse by reducing friction.

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Use relevant CTAs to increase engagement and drive more Instagram followers to your landing pages.

instagram profile cta examples

Glossier Instagram profile

Write a Perfect Bio and Optimize the Link

Your Instagram bio is valuable real estate for lead generation. Crafting an optimized Instagram bio is crucial for lead gen because it acts like a sales page header – often the first thing visitors see. 

Start by clarifying the core value proposition. Think something along the lines of “Project Management for Creative Entrepreneurs.” This positions you as a specialized solution to a specific problem.

Next, incorporate details around the ideal customer avatar to help that niche recognize your relevance. Taglines are great for achieving that. You can use something like “perfect for small business owners looking to streamline their processes.”

Finally, ensure you direct the clickable link to a dedicated landing page for Instagram traffic, loaded with lead magnets.

instagram profile links

Create Content that Catches the Eye

Truly eye-catching content performs better on a visually-focused platform like Instagram. Align images and video content with your brand story and audience interests. Let’s return to that project management software example. If the SaaS has features like Kanban boards or Gantt charts, create branded content showing off the visual appeal of these tools. 

Additionally, it’s wise to encourage conversions with strategic caption calls to action. Prompt tagging friends who would love the software, asking viewers how they handle project management currently or how much time/money they could save using the software.

Compelling imagery combined with response-driving captions converts page visits into leads. The more captivating your content, the more new visitors you can drive to your profile and landing pages.

Note that if you want to maximize the impact of your Instagram content, you need to understand your target audience and the types of posts they are likely to interact with. Sotrender allows you to track how your content performs and how your audience consumes it.

analyzing instagram content performance

Instagram content analysis in Sotrender

This data empowers you with the insights you need to create content that resonates with your audience.

Build a Perfect Landing Page

While the link-in-bio connects followers to your site, dedicated landing pages close the deal. These custom pages specifically optimized for Instagram traffic grease the wheels for conversion.

You can use enticing lead magnet offers like access to exclusive eBooks/guides with email signup. Make opt-in forms prominent with reduced fields to grow your subscriber list. Share interesting articles for engaged visitors.

instagram landing page example

Building tailored landing experiences helps transform traffic into Instagram leads for your business.

Automate Instagram DM

Another great tactic for generating Instagram leads is sending targeted direct messages. You could technically message each new follower – but that would take forever. Here is where social media marketing automation shines.

Instagram DM automation tools allow you to create and schedule customized message sequences to deploy at scale. Personalize outreach templates for new followers, promising leads, or fans of posts with certain products. Set reminder messages about expiring trial offers or cart abandonment. Automated workflows tap into visitor intent while establishing personalized relationships through two-way conversations. Except now, you can do it at scale.

These tools allow you to create bulk personalized messages and auto-send them to new followers. Use follow-up messages to convert visitors into email subscribers and paying customers.

Use Instagram Lead Ads

Want leads without sending website traffic away from Instagram? Lead Ads enable collecting signups directly within the Instagram app itself via inline forms. These ads are especially useful across e-commerce and services that drive sales or subscriptions. They feature built-in personalization powered by the platform’s own data.

For example, boutique advertisers can customize product catalog ads based on shopper categories like clothing types or sizes. Offer opt-ins for email lists or private sales events after scrolling product images.

For B2B e-commerce brands, Lead Ads are the perfect way to drive mobile conversions. You can generate a steady stream of Instagram leads, although they will have a certain cost attached to them. You can also track these leads more accurately, as you know they are coming from Instagram and not another channel.

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Use Stories and Live Videos

Next, you have to understand what’s trending. Leveraging popular content formats is key for better engagement and reaching new users. These days, Instagram Stories, live videos and Reels bring higher reach and engagement. Both are especially useful for lead gen.

For example, showcase a live demo of your manufacturing in action via behind-the-scenes tours broadcast on Live. Then, save the short video to share as Stories or Reels. Make sure to add links or swipe up calls to visit your site for special deals.

Think beyond polished photos. Rich stories and real-time moments resonate to form authentic connections with your audience. The more they engage, the more potential leads they have.

instagram stories example

Work with the Right Influencers

What if you didn’t have to build a massive or dedicated audience from scratch? Influencer marketing earns conversions by tapping into the strong relationships influencers have built with their audiences.

Remember not to focus solely on big names with millions of followers. Also, consider micro and niche influencers who are dedicated experts in a specific area. Look beyond vanity metrics. Instead, evaluate influencers based on the quality of their content and how well they align with your brand values.

An influencer with a small but engaged following that creates excellent content is ideal for businesses to team up with.


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Some partnership ideas include:

  • Co-creating educational videos
  • Hosting a collaborative giveaway or contest to onboard new users
  • Having the influencer demo the product through a case study-style post.

The goal is getting endorsements from credible subject matter experts that followers look towards for recommendations. This prompts audiences to become lead prospects when they try out the software.

Make User-Generated Content Part of Your Strategy

You can take advantage of user-generated content (UGC) to expand your reach and leads. It also acts as social proof through word-of-mouth marketing.

Prompt happy buyer photos showcasing orders and products in everyday use. Or creatively incorporating your brand into lifestyles. Additionally, small incentives tied to lead gen work very well to motivate UGC participation. You could promote a limited-time offer like 20% off coupons to anyone who posts product photos and also opts-in for the email list.

Repost this authentic UGC while tagging creators. Setting up lead gen incentive programs where fresh email subscribers get highlighted will grow your list.

You can even run UGC contests with lead capture forms for entries to generate leads directly.

Run an Instagram Contest

Speaking of contests, we’ve arrived at our last tip. Run exciting Instagram contests and sweepstakes for more engagement. As an example, an ed-tech startup launching a new online course could use a contest giveaway of free enrollment to boost interest.

However, they can collect lead information by requiring email and company name during contest entry. This increases potential reach while capturing lead data, even from those who don’t win.

Following up with all contest participants allows moving them down the sales funnel, especially if they showed higher engagement actions during the contest. Personalized post-contest emails sharing 20% discount codes on paid course enrollment convert interest into sales.

Contests don’t just drive participation. They can build pre-qualified mailing lists through creative list-building call-to-actions attached to signups.

Ready to Try These Tactics?

There you have it – 10 battle-tested Instagram marketing strategies for converting followers into leads. From optimizing your profile to leveraging influencers, these methods cover all bases.

Combine multiple strategies for the best results. Test different formats and partnerships to see what converts best. Be consistent and focus on value creation through stellar visual content and engagement.

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