The 8 Most Instagrammable Hotels in Bali (Infographic)

This summer, we tried to find the hottest hotels and their locations in Bali, Indonesia on Instagram. From clear waters to showing off beach bodies, here are the best locations to show off your glorious Bali adventure! Check out our analysis and the infographic at the end for all the sweet details.

How did we do it?

We took 54 hotels that were top rated on Booking & TripAdvisor in Bali and based our scoring on customer reviews and how many people reviewed the venue (if only one person gave it a rating of 10/10 it’s not a really good measurement metric now is it?). We then took to Instagram and did some coding magic thanks to our data science team to pull data on the profiles of the hotels we could find and the geo-locations they have (even if they didn’t have their own Instagram profile). This data was taken for the bulk of the summer season from May till the end of July 2017. The summer season is almost behind us but Bali stays alive and well all-year round!

In fact, says that the best time to visit may be now in September and up till October! Frommer’s also mentions that the high season ends in August and is up again in the Christmas/New Year period but with much higher prices and non-ideal weather.

So get ready to pack your bags and head over to one of the most beautiful destinations around the world! If you don’t have the resources/time to do that, then check out our infographic for the best experience you can get online at least – just like we did!

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What have we learned from the most Instagram-worthy hotels in Bali? Take a look.

You don’t need an Instagram page to be popular on Instagram

The Samata, a luxury-driven exclusive hotel was the location at which the highest performance was witnessed for posts of all types doesn’t even have an Instagram page! Pictures from this crazy beautiful place are only published by users and on its mother company Lifestyle Retreats profile.

The main engagement in this case came from posts by Raisa Andriana, a famous Indonesian singer who has over 15 million followers on Instagram – making her a great influencer for a place like The Samata that boasts exclusivity and luxury as their main selling points.

Image posts dominate Bali’s popularity scene

The most popular type of post is Images followed by Carousel posts and finally Video posts which had less than 15% of the total Interactivity Index of Carousel posts. And with images like these, how can this not be the most popular format?

Posting more does not mean you’ll have higher engagement levels

The Slow, with the lowest number of total posts among the top 3 hotels during the time period had the highest engagement rate between all 54 hotel profiles analyzed. This was followed by Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve and finally Komaneka – a group of boutique resorts around Bali. One post per day or every 2 days seems to be the best strategy for these top performing hotel profiles.

Take a look at our infographic and check the best spots for epic Instagram pics:

The Most Instagrammable Hotels in Bali [Infographic]

The Most Instagrammable Hotels in Bali [Infographic]

Start analyzing your Instagram profiles with Sotrender's 2-week free trial!

If you’re interested in knowing more about the data collection and processing contact us!

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