A successful YouTube channel – 12 things to remember and 5 things to forget.


YouTube is a well-known channel for many. Users connect it with entertainment, fun, and killing time, but is that all its really good for? The total number of people who use YouTube is 1,300,000,000, with 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.

But there is more to Youtube than just its entertainment side – it also offers benefits and opportunities for your brand to flourish. Many brands are a bit scared of having a presence on YouTube – they think they won’t be able to handle it, especially without any steps or guides to follow. So, if you ever asked yourself “How do I make the most of my brand’s presence on YouTube?”, we have the answers you seek and some Youtube practices.

Why is YouTube marketing important for your brand?

  • It works wonders for SEO. Having good title, appropriate description, and many keywords will better position your brand on both YouTube and Google.
  • Brands that stand out with their YouTube presence are considered to be trending ones.
  • It’s a great way to gain a loyal follower base – YouTube subscribers can be more active and engaged than followers throughout your other active platforms.
  • It has great viral potential – video content is becoming more and more popular – and YouTube is still the most popular platform for video distribution,
  • It helps reaching out to a new and somewhat different audience that is active only on Youtube.
  • Video is strong and still growing – it’s a good move to start building your brand presence and experience with this format.

Even if you feel like your brand doesn’t perfectly fit to be presented on Youtube, sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to some short clips that’ll win your audience hearts. To be successful with this, creativity isn’t always enough. We prepared a short list of steps and hints that you should apply to your strategy.

What are the best YouTube practices?

  1. Make the most of the first 5 seconds of your video. Put your logo there, description, or trailer of what your video is going to be about. The first 5 seconds are crucial for your content’s future – it’ll show you if it is doing well. Focus on showing something valuable that’s catchy enough to keep people watching.
  2. Put some keywords in the title and description. It’s common practice, so you won’t be regarded as a spammer who overuses keywords to be ranked higher.
  3. YouTube is a social media platform like and unlike any other. So it requires a strategy, but one that’s unique to your needs. YouTube isn’t about posting anything, especially anything that doesn’t offer any value. That is, if you want to deliver good business results. Set up some goals, estimate results, analyse, and optimize your efforts. Sotrender can help by being your own personal YouTube analyst
  4. Follow trends. Missing out on opportunities, while your competitors are reacting in real time, is one of the worst things that can happen to a brand on any social media. Also, following trends gives you some insight into what kind of videos and topics are both popular and effective.
  5. Take care of the technical aspects of your content. Even the best idea can be made attractive with poor production and technical mistakes.
  6. Cross-promotion with other brands or influencers is a win-win. Both your and their audience will get to know the other better. And if it’s maintained properly, other profiles, brands, and media might get interested in your activity. This is often used by professional Youtubers and vlogers who want to increase their reach and gain new followers.
  7. Asking your audience about subscribing is not a crime as long as you’re not begging. Some subtle communication about subscription won’t hurt. Try to finish your videos with “if you liked it, subscribe to our channel” and try to embed a few calls to action. More followers will highlight your position. Then, subscribers can be immediately notified when your new videos are uploaded, which means they’ll get to see it first (and you’ll gain more views, too!)
  8. Link to your YouTube channel on your other social media profiles and your blog – let people know that you’re active there!
  9. Don’t be scared of advertising – YouTube offers several opportunities and forms you can use to reach your target group. Give them a try! And after some data-based testing, decide if it’s something you’d like to get deeper into.
  10. Fill in all of the important information in your profile. It’s essential for anyone in your audience who wants to follow you outside of YouTube. Link to your social media profiles, blog, and website.
  11. Benchmark! Your competition isn’t sleeping, and some of them can definitely be found on YouTube. Track their steps and keep an eye on what they’re doing. Go to Sotrender and add your competitors’ profiles to check their performance.
  12. Take a look at our tips built-in in tool as well – we provide them with accuracy as it is based on your profile, data and performance. Tips may help you in improving your strategy.

While there are many steps you can take, there are also many you should avoid. If you don’t, all of your efforts won’t amount to much.

What are bad Youtube practices?

  1. What is your first impression when we say ‘SPAM’? Commenting on videos unrelated to your brand just to get some views doesn’t work and is considered a terrible marketing practice. It’s not the right way to grow your profile.
  2. Preparing inappropriate and unattractive content that is watched by nobody. That will simply burn money and waste time – and the sooner you find the reason why its happening (maybe it’s not about content, but its distribution?), the better for you, your brand, and your wallet.
  3. Not being consistent with your overall brand is a mistake, too. If you’re using a specific kind of communication, fonts, and colours, you should keep doing it on Youtube as well – or users won’t connect your videos to your brand.
  4. videos that are too long or too short. It will take you a while to test and see what kind of videos work best for your brand. Don’t give up too soon – try out a few video lengths and analyse which one delivers the best results.
  5. Uploading a video without information. That just wasting potential!

Being on Youtube is not the easiest nut to crack, we know – but holding on to a few tips and tricks can help you keep track and develop your channel.

Is your brand already present on Youtube? Do you have any hints for others? We’re waiting for your comments!

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