On the 20th of June, we’re saying ‘goodbye’ to the old Sotrender panel

20 czerwca stary panel Sotrendera zostanie zamknięty

Almost half year has already passed since we’ve presented our new Sotrender panel. Due to the good reception and the positive opinions from the current customers, we’ve decided that it’s about time to close the previous, “black” version of the panel. It will happen on June 20th.

In order to make this process clear, we have gathered below the small FAQ. As always, we encourage you to contact us in case of any doubts or questions.

Why are you closing the old panel?

In addition to purely economic reasons (keeping two different versions of the tool operational), we want to focus on developing  new version of the application. Since releasing it, we’ve already launched comparison reports, .pptx reports, and automatic tips for Instagram. The list of ideas and needs, however, is constantly increasing. We are working hard to make our app faster and consistently more valuable for you.

I do not know how to use the new version of the application – what do I do?

Since the launch of the new panel, we have had meetings and training with customers who asked for support. To schedule a training session or even just to ask some questions, please contact our customer support team: sales@sotrender.com.

The new panel does not have some of the features I use. Will they be added?

When planning features in new panel, we conducted a thorough analysis of the user behavior of the old tool. The most popular elements have been moved already, we decided to eliminate the ones that were not used at all.

What will happen after June 20th?

Access to the previous panel version will be blocked. Users will only be able to sign in and create accounts in the new app.

Closing the old panel is another natural step in Sotrender’s development. We promise to deliver new features very soon! 😉

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