Happy Birthday, Facebook! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you celebrate Facebook’s birthday over last weekend (to be more precise – 4th of February)? If not, you should have really done it – there are many reasons to celebrate, and we pulled them together in a form of an infographic.

Facebook is already 13 years old and changeable literally like a teenager. Even if you think that nothing is going to surprise you there yet, you couldn’t be more wrong – they are continuously working on new features, updates and improvements. We covered some of them in one of our blog posts. Also, it’s still growing – the number of active users reached 1,86 billion and… it’s counting! Mark Zuckerberg mission is to connect the world – and watching his & Facebook crew efforts makes us want to keep fingers crossed.

Below, you’ll find an infographic in which we tried to include the most essential events that happened to Facebook. Of course there are many more that could be considered – this infographic could have been neverending!

No one knows what is the future of Facebook, but we guess it is not the last birthday infographic about Facebook that we prepared!

What would you like to wish Facebook on its 13th birthday? Share your wishes in comments!

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