Building a SaaS product, like Sotrender, requires constant updates and focus on quality and users’ satisfaction.聽Sometimes this means bigger changes, like e.g. recent introduction of customer service module.聽Yet there are also many small improvements and bug fixing (yes, we do find聽bugs, sometimes – who doesn’t? 馃槈 ). For example, a few days ago we introduced new date and time format. Why do we care about these small things that can make the use of Sotrender even better?

Clear information about timezone

We’re getting more and more overseas users. Just during last weeks we have acquired our first clients from Moscow, San Francisco and Mexico City聽and we started to work with our partner in聽Indonesia. Furthermore, some of big brands run campaigns accross different timezones.

Sotrender statistics enable to identify the precise time of activities, but we want users to be sure what time we are talking about. For this reason, in addition to hours, we also decided to add a code of the timezone.

New date and time format - admin's posts

New date and time format – admin’s posts

New date and time format in Sotrender - Tips

New date and time format in Sotrender – Tips

You can define your timezone while setting your account or change it later in Settings > General:

Sotrender settings

Sotrender settings

Different time zones in Sotrender

Different time zones in Sotrender

New date and time format – striving to be clear

One more challenge after attracting clients and testers from various countries was the actual format of dates. For a user, it鈥檚 essential to be 100% sure what period he is聽analyzing, especially if it comes to a tool which, like Sotrender, enables analysis of any time frame.

Until now we were using the most common European format: Day-Month-Year. However, in USA the most common standard is Month-Day-Year and so our US users were often confused. Therefore, we needed an unambiguous and short solution. Currently, we鈥檙e using abbreviation of month, like 鈥淎pr 24, 2014鈥

Sotrender calendar

Sotrender calendar

Such changes may seem聽trivial, but due to many features and screens of Sotrender, they actually had to be introduced in code in several different places.

We鈥檙e looking forward to bring you the best Sotrender experience possible. If you have any ideas or comments, just email us at!