8 Black Friday Marketing Strategies and Ideas for 2022

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Consumers spent a whopping $886.7 billion on Black Friday in 2021, more than 14% of what they spent in 2020. As a result, most retailers that relied on their brick-and-mortar stores have shifted to ecommerce, increasing the competition for customer attention.

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Snapchat Marketing: Incorporate Snapchat into Your Marketing Strategy

Snapchat took the world by storm with its “disappearing” content and popularity among young audiences. If you’re thinking that Snapchat isn’t appropriate for your marketing strategy, consider that the platform offers a 75 percent chance of converting its users in comparison to other platforms.  There’s no question that Snapchat offers incredible marketing potential. Find out […]

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Social Media Marketing to Gen Z: From A to Z

Life is a cycle with its ups and downs. Everything has to adhere to this invariable rule. So nothing is forever, not even Facebook. Especially in business, it’s wise to think for the future and build long-term marketing strategies for Gen Z. By starting now, today’s youth will grow familiar with your brand. When it’s […]

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