This will depend on your goals and what industry you’re in, but follow these guidelines to get on the right track.

  • Follow your competition. Your competitors are likely on Twitter, so be sure to follow them. You can do this publically by following them as you would any other profile. But you can also follow them privately using Twitter lists.
  • Follow your industry influencers. Anybody big names making waves in your industry? Make sure to follow them.
  • People who follow you. These users have taken an interest in you, so take an interest in them.
  • Anyone you’ve worked with. Keep in touch with them over Twitter, and maybe work with them through social media.
  • Your employees. If they are on Twitter, be sure to follow them so you make a network for your company and employees on Twitter.

This will create a series of connections on Twitter that will help you stay connected and informed in your industry. It will also help you build the right audience.

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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