Figuring out how well your YouTube publications are performing and who they’re reaching is very important. This can give you great insights on who your audience is, if you’re reaching the audience you want to reach and to figure out how popular your content is and the reach it gets.

The main stats that you can see in the analytics tab on YouTube are the following and split into three sections:

Watch Reports (the basics):

  • Watch time – total time the video has been watched
  • Average view duration – average view duration
  • Views – absolute # of views
  • Likes, Dislikes & Comments – total likes, dislikes and comments for the video

Detailed Reports:

  • Demographics (Location, Age & Gender) – generate demographics reports to view specifics and segment the audience
  • Sources & Playback Locations – view sources from internal, external, referral or searched sources as well as playbacks from embedded sources or native pages
  • Audience Interaction (Audience Retention) – view the % of viewers after a certain time stamp in the video to see which points of your videos are performing best and how to improve content

Engagement Reports:

  • Shares & Subscriptions Driven – shares on the video and subscriptions to the channel through this video
  • Annotation Click Rates – stats on the effectiveness of annotations placed in the video
  • Playlist Analytics – analytics on specific playlist elements, separate video engagement and audience behavior through the playlist
  • Estimated Revenues – if your channel is monetized you can access the revenues from each video

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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