If you think there’s a perfect recipe for posting your videos so everyone will see it, you’re unfortunately wrong – there is none.

But lacking a perfect recipe shouldn’t stop you! You have to do anything to bring a lot of traffic to your website, and on YouTube that means knowing your audience. You have to know their gender, age, and habits so you know when they’ll be online, ready to see your YouTube video.

When should I post on YouTube?

Depending on your audience, you have to consider their timezone, weekdays, and even their holidays. Your audience will always be unique, and you’ll have to appeal to their behaviors to get the most from your YouTube videos. If your audience is mostly situated in the US, makes sure you post when they’re awake. If you know most of them work the night shift, avoid posting during the day when they’re sleeping. When your target audience is mostly students, avoid posting during exam periods.

However, there are some general rules that  apply to most audiences. Fridays and the weekend are typically better than Mondays, as research shows those days get the most views. And avoid posting your best content in May and September! Many users are usually in a transition period around these months, meaning they won’t have time to be on YouTube.

What should I post on YouTube

Source: Tube Filter

But remember not to overstate the value of posting times. It will help your video reach more people, but you still need to have a catchy title, relevant tags, and above all else, quality content. Focus on those first.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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