YouTube doesn’t offer as many metrics to measure your online effectiveness as other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t measure it. You just need to know what specific things to look at.

The YouTube metrics you should care about are:

  • Views. The simplest metric of success on YouTube. If people are watching, it usually means you’re doing something right. It’s a good indicator of your popularity and the quality of each individual video.
  • Subscribers. Keep an eye on how many people want more content from you. This is a good indication of your growth.
  • Retention. This refers to how long users are watching your videos for. Check when most people stop watching your video and consider what might be causing it.
  • User activities. Checking your user activity is the best way to see how engaged your audience is. Pay attention to the number of likes, dislikes, comments, and shares your videos get.

Just remember to not look at only one metric. That won’t give you the whole picture, and it can give you the wrong idea on how to improve. Try to look at a few metrics and get base your actions on all of them.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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