1. Online content strategy
  2. Why should I have a Twitter content strategy?
  3. What makes my brand special?
  4. Telling a story
  5. What your brand is about?
  6. Suggestions of content

1. Online content strategy

No matter what your goals on Twitter are, you need to start from the basics. You need to think about what you would like to do, what you can do, who you can reach, and how you can connect with them – you need to include Twitter in your online content strategy.

2. Why should I have a Twitter content strategy?

A content strategy will help you realize what you need to prepare, if you need any support, and plan your publishing schedule.

Content is a crucial part of your communication. You first need to provide your audience with something worth paying attention to. Only after you have good content can you start improving other aspects of your online performance.

3. What makes my brand special?

This is the first question you have to answer when planning your strategy on Twitter. You have to give the audience a reason to pay attention to you. A reason that separates you from the crowd. Think about your brand and it’s identity. Find out story that you want to tell, and show it with your products.

4. Telling a story

Tell a story with your content

More often than not, people communicate in stories. We don’t talk as if the happenings in our lives are just a series of events, one following the other. We use introductions, build-ups, downfalls, climaxes, and interesting characters, often without even knowing it. It just comes naturally. On social media, you have to be natural and do the same. Show your audience how your brand got to where you are today, the lessons you learned, and the values and goals that you have. It provides the basis of what your company is and what it plans to do. You need to take some time to think it over and create and authentic and appealing one.

5. What your brand is about?

It can be difficult figuring out how and what you want to tweet. Try answering the following questions to get a better idea of who your brand is (taken from Heidi Cohen’s blog). It will help you narrow-down what you should tweet about:

  • Is there a special story behind your name?
  • What does your business have that your competition doesn’t?
  • Whom specifically are you selling to?
  • What are some accomplishments your business has made?
  • What is the simplest explanation of what your business is and what it does?

6. Suggestions of content

We prepared some content suggestions for different industries. Hope it will inspire you to find your own way:

Food & Drink

You don’t only eat and drink at a restaurant or cafe. If people wanted just to eat, they’d got to the grocery store. Restaurants and cafe’s are social experiences about friends and atmosphere, so your story should reflect that. Post tweets about your food, customers enjoying it, and your chefs working hard to cook up some great meals.


Remember, products are sold alongside of ideas. You can’t do one without the other. Think about what values or emotions you want associated with your product, and go about promoting it. Tweet about discounts, new products, and any products you think your followers should know about.

Beauty & wellness

People want to feel beautiful and satisfied with themselves. Beauty products are great ways to reach those goals, so show how your product(s) can do it best. Tweet inspiring quotes about self appreciation, acceptance, and people using your products. This means new haircuts, styles, makeup products, manicures, or anything else your business sells.

Tourism/hospitality industry

You’re not just a place to visit, but a new environment to be experienced. Consider about how they can best spend their time with you, and what experience you want to provide. Tweet about your location, interesting events nearby, and customers enjoying their stay.


You’re about helping people reach their goals and bettering themselves. Let people know that you are just as committed as they are to meeting goals and exceeding expectations. Tweet about eating healthy, inspiring quotes related to self-improvement, and about doing any type of sport or exercising at the gym.

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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