A Twitter Website Card is a Twitter Card (promoted tweet that has more options than a normal tweet) that leads to an external website. It can be a website with your product, brand, or it can just lead to an interesting article. Whatever you want and need.

How should a Twitter Website Card look like?

Twitter Website Cards (like other Twitter Cards) need to meet some requirements (via Twitter):

  • Tweet copy: 116 characters are available (24 characters are used for images).
  • Website title length: 70 characters. Please note — depending on device and app settings this description may truncate. Although not guaranteed, limiting the description to 50 characters should ensure that truncation won’t occur across most devices.
  • Image size: 800 x 320 pixels (max 3mb)
  • File types: PNG and JPEG are recommended. We do not accept BMP or TIFF files.

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