Business Manager is a single interface for enterprises and agencies to manage multiple ad campaigns and pages for their business.

With Facebook Business Manager it is possible to give people specific roles and permissions to use Manager. It also organizes and streamlines your overall advertising effort, which is a good start for developing your campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager helps you keep everything organized and secure, especially when you have to manage more than one Facebook Page. It also allows you to see all of your Pages and ad accounts. Additionally, you can view which person is assigned which role and information about how they use those accounts.

You can have even more control over your Page if you use Sotrender’s Facebook moderation feature.

Our moderation allows you to:

  • get conversation updates in realtime
  • preview posts to get the full context of the conversation
  • track comment history including deleted comments (which Facebook doesn’t provide)
  • keep track of other moderators’ actions

What’s more, you can switch between moderation and analytics within one tab on your browser. This is definitely a time-saver and should help you manage your Facebook Page more efficiently.

Start analyzing your Facebook performance

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