Twitter’s Direct Messages  have a few practical uses for businesses. Although mainly used for personal reasons, Direct messages can also be used as a customer service tool for helping customers and getting feedback.

How can my business use Direct Messages?

Direct Messages are private messages sent to individual users on Twitter. There is no character limit, and behaves like most other message chats on the internet. Using Direct Messages has a lot of benefits for your business for the following reasons:

  • Take things privately. There are a lot of things you would rather discuss with your customers in private. Instead of tweeting you publicly, you can take the conversation to Direct Messages.
  • Customer Service. You can more easily communicate with them and see that their issues get your full attention. You can gather private information and expand your service elsewhere, providing more to your customers.

Public discussions on Twitter can be great for your business. But if customers are having problems or need something specific, it’s better to take things privately.

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