If you pay attention to your social media presence, you know how important it is to have a decent number of followers. Your follower count says a lot about your brand awareness, and if it grows, it helps you to reach more people. 

So how to monitor your follower growth on Facebook to stay on track? We’re answering this question in this article.

What is follower growth?

Follower growth is one of the most fundamental social media metrics. It measures the total number of new followers on your social media profile over a particular period. Basically, it informs you how many new people visited your page and decided to follow it.

Why is gaining new followers important? People who follow you are likely to consume your social media content: your updates, announcements, deals and so on. The more followers you have, the better you can, in theory, support the growth of your business.

How can you track your follower growth on Facebook?

There are different ways in which you can check your follower growth. You can do it, for example, in a social media analytics tool like Sotrender. Just create an account, head on to the ‘Audience’ section and click on ‘Increase in the number of fans’. Set the dates for which you would like to know the increase in your follower base.

Check your follower growth for free

Then, see a chart showing the fluctuations in the follower count. As Sotrender’s charts are interactive, you can hover over particular points on a chart and see how much, according to the scale, the number of followers increased during the whole day. What is more, if you click on any peak on a chart, you will see what was published on a particular day and how it affected the number of your followers.

Above the chart, you can also see the total increase in the number of followers as well as an average increase.

If you prefer to track the increase in the number of followers in ‘real numbers’, you can head on to the ‘Number of fans’ section. 

You can check there the actual number of people following you, as well as the date of biggest follower growth. You can also move the cursor over orange points on the chart to see how much the number of followers increased during the whole day.

Check number of fans in Sotrender

It is rather typical that the overall number of followers is changing over time, and that it has its ups and downs. There will always be times when the number will go down as people tend to unlike profiles that no longer serve them the content they are looking for. But as easy as metrics go down, with some effort they can also go up and bring new people interested in your product or service.

Can I track the follower growth of any Facebook page?

Are you curious about how fast your competitors are growing their fan base? In Sotrender, you can check your competitor’s follower growth pretty easily, too. Just search for the profile that interests you and track their follower growth in the same way as shown above.

You can also create a comparison group of selected profiles in the ‘Comparison’ section to analyze:

  • their follower growth in a selected time period,
  • the actual number of followers that they have.

Check your competitors' follower growth

Can you check your follower growth in Facebook Insights?

Another way to check your follower growth on Facebook is to use Facebook Insights. Just click on the ‘People following you’ section and see the total number of followers on your profile. Similarly to Sotrender, you can choose the dates in which you want to track your follower count. The chart will present how the total number of your Facebook followers was changing over a selected time period.

At the same time, in Facebook Insights you can only see an overall number of followers for a current day, and you will not find there any Facebook metric that presents a follower growth day by day. 

Also, if you’re willing to check the follower count and growth for competitive profiles, you’ll not be able to do this through any Facebook tool, which is a huge limitation.

How can you grow your follower base on Facebook?

So now you know how to check your follower growth on Facebook. But what if the numbers are stalled and you’re no longer gaining new observers?

Here are some ways in which you can improve your follower count.

  1. Run Facebook Ads aimed at brand awareness.
  2. Create viral, shareable content that can easily grab people’s attention.
  3. Partner with an influencer who knows how to bring in new followers.
  4. Try out Facebook live on a trending topic.
  5. Get tagged by other popular Facebook pages.

Wishing you the best of luck in increasing your Facebook follower base and scaling your business!