You should try. The key to success on YouTube is to reach new audiences and convert existing viewers into loyal fans. One of the ways to gather your audience is through paid advertising campaigns in AdWords for video. AdWords is a tool that displays ads that for your YouTube advertising campaigns.

Should I promote my YouTube videos?

Before you start to advertising your videos with AdWords, ensure that viewers will be able to appreciate their value and originality. Creative channels with a clearly defined mission, brand, and strategy tend to attract more subscribers. It’s also a great option for developers who have troubles gathering an audience. It allows you to attract new viewers to the channel by through ad targeting.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

A paid advertising campaign or having your videos on AdWords will help you get you more impressions and more subscribers. You can create ads that will appear before the video or next to the video (on the YouTube page). You just need to prepare your ads, determine your budget, and take advantage of the promotional tools described below:

  • Placement targeting. Ads appear on other similar channels where viewers might like yours. First, identify the channels that have an audience you want to attract to yourself. Then add them as destinations in your campaign targeting settings.
  • Targeting interest categories. Reach viewers who have interests that line up with your channel. For example, if you have a channel with cooking tutorials, you might want to direct ads at viewers interested in food. Start by determining what topics would interest audiences that you want to obtain, and then add the appropriate categories to your targeting.

Promoting your posts has lots of benefits, and it’s worth at least a shot.


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