So you’ve tried everything and still want to try something new. What comes to mind other than Facebook groups to promote your business – another excuse to spend more time on Facebook right?

It really comes down to a few factors:

  1.  Does the group meet your target audience?
  2. Do the rules of the group allow you to promote your product or brand?
  3. Is the group active? If so, will your posts just be drowned out by the myriad of posts on the group?
  4. What are you trying to promote? Is it a website, a product, a page or a brand? Can you do this in a natural way without being spammy?
  5. Does any activity that you do on these groups bring in results? Can you properly track it or not?

If you can answer these questions and come to the conclusion that the effort you put in will lead to an increase ultimately in exposure and sales – then yes, Facebook groups will be effective for your business. If not, then that’s a definitive no.

Start analyzing your Facebook performance

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