As a social media manager or moderator, you have to look through and moderate many comments on a daily basis. However, there might be situations where a comment gets deleted by accident or you need to know who deleted entire comment threads on any given day.

So how can you find out who deleted a comment on Facebook? We’ll show you a fairly easy way to find out!

Deleting Facebook comments – a dilemma

Sometimes you’ll spot a comment that really doesn’t belong under one of your posts. Obviously, you or someone else in your team will delete it. Alternatively, you or your higher-ups need to know who handled a specific set of comments one day. Whether it’s for quality assurance or just a routine check, it’s good to have access to Facebook comment history.

There’s one problem: deleting content on Facebook is considered to be an irreversible action. After you delete a post or a comment, you can’t check what was deleted. You can’t even find out who deleted it. The content disappeared. So essentially, you can’t see who deleted a comment on Facebook if you’re only using Facebook to moderate comments and messages.

This puts a lot of responsibility on social media managers and moderators.

However, there’s a third-party tool that can help you track all comment history, so it won’t be an issue. The good news is that it’s available in Sotrender’s Social Inbox.

Using Sotrender to see who deleted a comment on Facebook

If you delete a comment on Facebook via Sotrender, it will disappear on Facebook. So whenever a user “dirty deletes” or your own moderators just delete their comment, you’re missing context.

It will still be available for preview in Sotrender, though. You will even see which moderator deleted the comment

who deleted a comment on facebook

This is a frequently asked for option in social media agencies where a few people work on moderating one Facebook page. In case of a mistake or a rash decision, the team will know who is accountable. 

If at some point you will need to get back to deleted comments, you can filter Sotrender’s social inbox by ‘deleted’ and see all the deleted comments. 

Don’t forget about Sotrender’s Social Inbox analytics, where you can check how many comments have been deleted on your analyzed Facebook page in a chosen period of time.

Manage Facebook comments and messages in Sotrender

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