Pages are created to help brands, businesses and organizations to connect with their fans but also to make them new ones – with pages they can connect with people and promote themselves.

1. Choose a category

Creating a page on Facebook isn’t very complicated – firstly you have to go to and choose category of your new Page. You can choose from “ local business or place”, “company, organization or institution”, “brand or product”, “artist, band or public figure”, “entertainment” and “cause or community”.

Creating Facebook Page - select a category first.2. Add your business details

Now you have to select a more specific category form the dropdown menu and fill all the gaps.

Creating Facebook Page - add your business details

3. Fill your profile

Then, after clicking “Get started” it would be possible to enter additional information about you business – it will make it easier to find you on Facebook and on web search.

Creating Facebook Page - add your business details

4. Add your profile picture

Next step will be clicking a profile picture for you Page – your logo, picture of you business or brand hero, which has to be 180×180 px.

Creating Facebook Page - add profile picture5. Make it favourite

To make it easier to access you Page in the next step you can add it to your favourites, which will show you your Page in one click.

Creating Facebook Page - add to your favorites6. Define your audience

After that step you can easily define preffered page audience and upload a cover photo. This step is really important because it will actually help Facebook to cennect you with your future audience and classify you as a page.

Creating Facebook Page - choose what audience this Page will target

You have to remember, that if you want to create a Page to represent a business, brand, organization or celebrity you have to officially represent it.

Measure your growth

Now you can simply have fun with your new Page but remembering about checking the preformance your fanpage is doing. It is not enough to have a Page to be seen on the Internet – you have to manage it (yourself or hiring an agency) to be sure, that you will reach to bigger audience.

Start analyzing your Facebook performance