Facebook gives you the possibility to change your name or add an additional name (ex: nickname, maiden name) to your account. People change their names on Facebook because of many reasons, such as:

  • They don’t want to be found on the Internet.
  • They want to separate their professional and personal lives.
  • They changed their name in really life (e.g. after a wedding).

So how do you change your name? To do this just follow these steps:

  • Read the rules on names [link]
  • Click the triangle icon at the top right corner of Facebook and choose Settings.
  • Click Name.
  • Enter a name and hit Check.
  • Enter the password and hit Save Changes.

Sometimes Facebook doesn’t offer the possibility to change your name. In such instances you have to contact Facebook – their help center will try to help. Remember that you can change your name only 60 days after the last change. So don’t make changes for any light-hearted reasons. You should also remember that every change will make it harder for people to find you.

If you change your name, all your old material (old tagging, etc.) will still have your old name.

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