Search from the web browser

To use Twitter’s search function on your web browser, you have to sign in and click the search Twitter bar at the top right of the page. Here you can type in a keyword or hashtag and search through industry trends, breaking news, or anything else that interests you.

You can quickly filter your search by Top, Live, Accounts, Photos, or Videos. These options appear at the top of the page after your initial search. They each do the following:

  • Top: Activity and profiles that are most relevant to your search.
  • Live: Activity will appear in your search in chronological order.
  • Accounts: Your search will be limited to user accounts.
  • Videos: Your search will be limited to videos.

If you select More options, a drop down menu will appear where you can specify your search even more.

Search from the mobile app

To use Twitter’s search functions from the mobile app, login to your account in the app. Tap the magnifying glass icon and write what you want to search in the search box. Then, tap search

Your search will, by default, show you a mix of all the filter options mentioned above. You can choose to filter through top tweets or all tweets. Top tweets will sort them by popularity, whereas all tweets will sort them chronologically.

You can use advanced options to specify your search to photos, videos, news, and people. You can also choose if you want to search from everyone’s posts, or only from your followers.

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