Ok, so you’ve already decided to start your advertising campaign on YouTube. Now it’s time for the next step. We will help you to get the best results and reach your goal.

  • Create an AdWords account

You can do that here. If you already have an account, check whether your accounts on YouTube and AdWords are connected.

  • Create an ad campaign

Go to the ‘Campaign’ tab and after clicking ‘+Campaign’, find and go to ‘Video’.

  • Fill in campaign settings

Enter your campaign name and the details, like your budget, networks you want your campaign to run on, locations where you want to target or exclude your campaign, the language your customers speak, and the devices they use. Then click ‘Save and continue’.

  • Creating ad group

Start by giving it a name, then paste the url of the YouTube video you want to use in your ad. After this, choose video the type of ad (Drive views, awareness, conversions, or mobile app installations).

  • Choose ad format

Now you have to choose in stream ad or display ad. Use TrueView in-stream ad if you want your video to appear before, during, or after other videos on Youtube. Use TrueView in-display to promote videos while people are searching on YouTube or browsing videos on YouTube or across the Web.

  • Give more details

Fill-in all the gaps and fill-in a cost per view – you will be charged if the viewer watches more than 30 seconds, the whole video, if it’s less than 30 seconds, or interacts with your video.

  • Add targeting method

Choose demographics and their interests, and then click ‘Save a group’.

Click ‘Finish’ and, you’re done.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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