Making your Facebook Page a local business is an excellent way to help people in your area find your business. It’s a beneficial option that’s worth considering when making a Page for your business.

You have to follow a few simple steps to make your Facebook Page a local business:

1. Choose a category

First you have to create a Facebook page – go here and choose the category of your new fanpage – make sure to pick ‘Local Business of Place’.

How do I make my Page a local business?2. Add your business details

Select a specific category from the dropdown menu and fill in the blanks.

How do I make my Page a local business?3. Fill your profile

After hitting ‘Get started’, you can enter additional information about you business. This will make it easier to find you on Facebook and through web searches.

How do I make my Page a local business?

4. Add your profile picture

Next step is choosing profile picture for you Page – your logo, a picture of you local, or your mascot. The photo should be 180×180 px.
How do I make my Page a local business?

5. Make it favourite

Add it to your favourites and make your Page easier to find for yourself. Your Page will be accessible in one click.

How do I make my Page a local business?

6. Define your audience

Define who your preferred audience is. Fill out their demographic info to help Facebook get you more reach to the right users.

How do I make my Page a local business?

Note that you can change your page’s category an unlimited number of times. The only consequence is if you change it from the Local Business or Place category, you’ll lose your reviews, map, and check-ins.

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