A follower on Twitter is someone who has clicked the follow button on your profile. This means that your tweets and retweets will appear in their feed. They will see the content and news you tweet about, offering the best channel of communication on Twitter. And the best part is that this follower has consciously chosen to follow you. So they already want to see what you have to offer. All you have to do is provide it.

Here are some ways to start getting more followers on Twitter:

  • Promote yourself online. Share your Twitter info on other social media sites and your website. Make sure that it’s easy for people to know that you’re on Twitter.
  • Write for your audience. Make sure your tweets are written for your ideal follower/customer. If the content is good, they will come.
  • Use hashtags. Use hashtags relevant to your tweets. This will put you in conversations that will get you noticed by Twitter users. But never more than two!
  • Promote yourself offline. Let your customers and fans know that you’re on Twitter and that they should be following you.
  • Upload email contacts. A simple method. Upload your email contacts to Twitter and see which of your friends and business contacts are on Twitter. Start following them, and you’ll likely get a follow back.
  • Follow your followers. Some people might follow you if you don’t follow them back. They scratched your back, time to scratch theirs.
  • Reply to relevant tweets. Found a tweet about something related to you and your brand? Reply to them and they might start following you.

Doing these will start boosting the amount of followers you get.

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