In the past few years, with acquisitions of companies such as Instagram and Whatsapp, Facebook is no longer just Facebook. Following this acquisition, you can now connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account. 

To do that simply log-in to your page and click Instagram in the left column in order to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts (username and password of both required to verify the link). This acquisition provides users with more options for managing and promoting their content as well as synchronizing campaigns across different platforms; that is why linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts is a step well worth looking into. To start advertising on Instagram, watch the video from the following Facebook help center link

After you connect the pages together, admins and editors of the page will be able to edit Instagram account details using Facebook and can create Instagram ads from Facebook. Please note that recently, you are required to have a Facebook account to run ads on Instagram, but curiously you don’t need an Instagram account for that.

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