Adding YouTube videos to your playlists is a great way to share your Favorite videos, save videos to Watch Later or to any other playlist you’ve created.

When you add videos to your playlists on YouTube, some might be visible for the public or can be kept fully private; depending on the settings you have for each playlist.

This can be seen in the screenshot below where the playlists with the lock symbol on the right side means that they are private while the one with the earth symbol on the right side means that they are public and can be seen by everyone. Note: The Favorites playlist is set as Public by default while the Watch later playlist is set as private by default. To change this you’ll need to change the settings (read below).

youtube playlist 1

You can also create a new playlist as can be seen in the options in the screenshot above. When doing this, you can choose the privacy settings for your playlist and then this will be set for the entire playlist and be the default visibility until you change it manually.

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If you decide to change the visibility for a playlist, you’ll need to go to your library in the left column when you go onto YouTube and log in then click on the playlist you want to edit in order to access the edit menu where you can change the privacy between Public, Private or Unlisted as well as the possibility of changing other settings.

youtube playlist 2


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